Why You Hate CheckList?

We all have those days when there are a million things to do, and we don’t know how we’re going to get it all done. For some, just the idea of having a to-do list feels like a burden. It’s a list of chores and long overdue assignments. I believe that old school way of writing everything you have to do, everything you think you might want to do, everything someone once told you ought to do all down on a bit of paper (or in even in an app) is a really bad idea.

This kind of EVERYTHING checklist is not the path to blogging success; this kind of to do list sucks the joy out blogging.  I believe that the answer here lies, not in one long jumbled to do list, but in 3 separate and highly focused to do lists – take 3 most important task for that day and set it as your Today’s Task.

This is where systems tend to break down. We add things, but don’t review the list. Part of this is trying to use a to do list app or system that doesn’t fit with your workflow.

How to Find a To Do List That Works for You:

Everyone works in different ways, which means that everyone keeps track of their work in different ways. This is why there is so many My Success List – Goal & Todo Check List. Task management is intensely personal. A system that works for me isn’t going to work for you. My Success List – Goal & Todo Check List doesn’t work for me but several of my colleagues swear by it. This is why I’ve had to find my own system.

But if you can prioritize until you have only one thing to focus on right now, you can’t help but get to work. Use the tips and techniques below to help prioritize your tasks.

Why you need My Success List app badly? It helps in your day-today efficiency and greatly improves your productivity and output by giving you more control on your time and activities. You won’t be overwhelmed by looking at your to do lists any more. You need it to be easy and fast to use while still offering you enough features to keep you organized.
When you have so many things already on your plate, last thing you want to spend time on is finding the right app for your lifestyle. You will find our app Daily Planner to be easy and fast by giving you enough features to keep you organized.

Uncomfortable Things Get Avoided:

My Success List – Goal & Todo Check List make it easy to avoid uncomfortable (which typically means important) tasks and kick them down the road from week to week.


Some tasks need to be done at certain times, My Success List – Goal & Todo Check List have way of handling this.


My Success List – Goal & Todo Check List do not reflect the relative priorities of tasks. This is especially true for longer time horizons.

Being artificially complex or bulky? It possible to create a system where a to-do list is just the input, and tasks is somehow sorted to reduce complaints.

Learn to Cherish you’re My Success List – Goal & Todo Check List:

Maybe you look at todo lists like homework — they’re just a stuffy obligation. But that’s actually the opposite of what a My Success List – Goal & Todo Check List should be. App lets you create a pipeline where to list down all your pending task or future goals. Then take 3 most important task for that day and set it as your Today’s Task. As soon as your task is done, move it to your completed section. Move your next task from pipeline into Today’s section. If you fail to do some task that day, then they are transferred in your Incomplete Section. Constant try to improve our daily checklist.

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