How does the widget work?

The widget is basically a shortcut to the app. There are a few different designs and sizes you can choose from that have different available features. Back to Index

What is the widget?

The Daily Tasks: Daily Checklist widget is a simple, smaller version of Any.do that you can keep on your home screen to help you keep track of your daily tasks.

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How do I complete a task?

Using your finger, swipe your task from left to right to mark your task complete. You can also tap a111 in order to complete the task.

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How do I edit a task?

Tapping on a task will open the edit options. To edit the text of the task, tap located at the far right of the task and start typing. When you are done, tap the enter button on your keyboard/keypad

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How do I add a task?

On the main screen of the app Tap12 on the bottom right corner and start typing. When you’re done, tap00 next to the textbox or just click ‘Done’ on your keypad to add the task. The task will be added to your list of pipeline task

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Where is my data stored and is it safe?

We do not store your task/goals details on our server. It’s 100% private only to you as it remains only on your phone.

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