Keep Your Team Productive While Working From Home

With companies all over the India and the world mandating or encouraging remote work, here are some of the ways to get the critical work done from your employees.

There’s no doubt downtime has drastically changed the business landscape in 2020, with more businesses than ever encouraging or requiring employees to work from home. While many employees already do some work remotely, many workers and managers are still trying to adjust to this paradigm shift.

Working from home means more distractions in some or the other way, fewer ways to interact naturally with fellow employees, and more social isolation all of which can lead to less productivity which is a natural thing as not all employees are used to work from home.

To overcome these challenges, employers should explore new ways to manage and collaborate with employees and enable more ways for employees to connect with each other.

Facilitate your team with tech and productivity tools

While working remotely is to get them tools to help them stay connected and productive. These include project management tracking apps such as Asana and Skype, chat/messaging apps such as Microsoft Teams, and video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Google Hangouts.

These new apps might also help keep your team more productive and connected with each other after pandemic fears lessen and people go back to work.

Set up daily success list :

Creating a daily to-do check list routine is an important way to set priorities and foster connections among the employees.Working professionals like CEO’s, Managers, Engineers, Charted Accountants, Doctors, and Architects etc. have too many things to handle in such a scenario.

Remember main reason for procrastination is that large tasks appear overwhelming. Hence we want you to focus by creating My Success List with most important task in it.

Working powerful with stable supportive team work

Your employees’ health and safety is your top priority.As working from home can contribute to loneliness and negative emotions, managers &leaders should additionally encourage self-care among their employees, who mentally are trying to adapt to remote work, the stress of new environments and the stress of daily updates around downtime. You need to make it easy and fast to use it while still offering you enough features to keep you organised and get work done being patiently by creating check list – goal in My Success List.

When you have so many things already on your plate, last thing you want to spend time on is finding the right app for your lifestyle. You will find our app Daily Planner to be easy and fast by giving you enough features to keep you organised.

Strong and consistent communication strategy

Discussions related to downtime we have to take our internal and external communications to next level that make sure, your corporate communications and internal communications teams work hand in hand to build a strong and consistent communication strategies.

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